Consumer Cellular upgrades messaging and data plans

Consumer Cellular recently announced upgrades to its Connect! plans, which add messaging and data options to their monthly voice plans. Many of these plans include double the original data for the same price, making their Connect! plans even more attractive. This will go over particularly well with customers who have purchased, or plan to purchase, the Motorola Bravo, Consumer Cellular’s first Android handset. After the break we’ll break down the new plan details.   The Connect! Lite plan provides 100 messages and 4MB of data for just $2.50 per month. This is great for users with feature phones who want some level of text messaging, plus enough data to check, say, sports scores or breaking news headlines.   The Connect! Ready plan offers 500 messages and 20MB of data for $5 per month. This is a nominal fee, especially considering the 500 messages. Messaging-heavy customers who use a handset such as the full-QWERTY Nokia C3 might find the most use out of this.   The Connect! Active provides 1,000 messages and 40MB of data for $10 per month, while the Connect! Complete doubles the messages to 2,000 and provides 200MB of data for $20 per month. These are certainly more suited for Motorola Bravo users. That’s enough data for plenty of email usage, plus casual web browsing. The 200MB customers can even add in a light level of streaming music, such as Pandora or Slacker.   These plans are available now. You can check them out at Consumer Cellular’s website.   Via Phone Scoop.]]>