Galaxy Note 5 Broken Pen Issue


If you own a Galaxy Note 5 or are considering picking up this rather popular Samsung device, then you should probably be aware that users have discovered an incredibly easy way to irreparably break one of the more unique parts of the device–the S pen. Many users are reporting that if you accidentally insert the S Pen in the device the wrong way–with the flat end in first instead of the pointy end–that the pen may not only become stuck but that the internal removal detection on the device that tracks whether the pen is inserted may no longer work. While the pen itself will still work, the device will act like the pen is always inserted in the included slot and the nifty Air Command menu will not launch when the pen is removed. Now I know what you’re thinking: easy fix. Don’t insert it in backwards, right? Well, while I can’t say that you’re wrong, from what it looks like, the pen actually slides in remarkably well the wrong way–meaning that Samsung has not included any safeguard from users who just aren’t paying attention. This is a little surprising to me as it could easily be prevented with something as simple as a slightly wider base or a ridge on one side preventing it from going in backwards. Samsung has released multiple statements to various sites including Android Police and the BBC which basically sum up to “we recommend you don’t do that” which implies that the company was aware that this could have been an issue and didn’t change the design. While the pen would look a little clunkier with a larger base, I can’t help but be a little surprised by the nonchalance of the response. I guess Samsung doesn’t really care to sell its products to people who don’t pay attention to the user manuals. Regardless as to whether this is actually a design flaw or a case of users being careless, it might be a good idea to remove the pen before handing it to your clueless parent or a small child. The device itself is actually a pretty awesome device, from what I’ve seen when playing with it myself, so don’t let this make you not purchase one. Just be a little smart with it.]]>

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