iOS 9 Breaks Data for AT&T MVNOs


It seems like every time that a company offers a new update, something else breaks. And, it seems like Apple isn’t immune to this any more than any other company. According to iPhone users, the newest operating system from Apple, iOS 9, is causing issues for customers with phones on an AT&T MVNO. After updating to the newest OS, some users reported that their devices stopped being able to access data. This issue seems to be mostly customers who are with a company that is not technically an Apple partner (which includes most MVNOs) and more specifically, companies that use a different APN, or access point name, than their mobile network operator does. The two main carriers reporting issues are H2O and Airvoice. APNs, for those of you who are feeling a little lost, are basically settings that your phone uses to set up gateways between your device and the phone companies network. Without the right APN, the device won’t be recognized and will not be able to access the network–which is exactly what is happening with the iOS 9 data issue. Basically, companies that use a different APN than the main carrier network are having trouble because the settings are incorrect.

How to fix it

Apple has acknowledge the issue and said that it will be issuing a fix in the next update which should solve the issue. Of course, we don’t have a date for the patch yet. But, the good news is that you don’t necessarily have to wait. A reddit user has posted the updated APN profile for users here. The guys over at Prepaid Phone News also have some good suggestions for the more tech-savvy members to fix their own APN settings, provided you have that option. H2O also has updated APN profile which users can download here.]]>