Cricket Wireless Simplifies Adding More Lines

AT&T’s prepaid carrier Cricket Wireless has always offered some pretty fantastic family plans, where visitors can save additional money with each new plan. In fact, when adding up to five lines, you can save up to $100. However, until now, adding or porting over multiple lines has been a bit complicated. save-cricket-money With the family lines offered through Cricket, discounts stack and each additional line costs a bit less than the previous one. However, unlike with many other companies, the lines do not share data so you’ll never have to worry about your data-hogging family member cutting off your access to Facebook and cat videos (or whatever else you use your device for). With the new Cricket Wireless phone activation process, there are three simple steps to add new lines, and you’ll see the discounts immediately when you activate multiple lines online. Check it out:
  1. Select a phone (or activate an eligible device) and select plans and features
  2. Either port your number or get a new one
  3. Go to the cart menu and select “Add Another Line” then repeat
  4. Save money!
The family line discounts are only available for new customers on Cricket Wireless and, as mentioned above, you can only get them online. Cricket Wireless does allow customers to bring their own phones, provided they are unlocked and 100% purchased. Check compatibility here. For more information on Cricket Wireless plans, which range from $30 – $60, check the Cricket Wireless website.]]>

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