Cheapest Unlimited Texting Plans

It seems like all of the carriers and MVNOs are busy shouting over each other that data is the most important, and that’s what everyone should want. But, what if you need a lot of texting and not a lot of everything else? Well, turns out you have quite a few options. Here are the cheapest unlimited texting plans from all four main carriers:


Depending on what other features you want, you basically have two options: Cricket Wireless or everyone else. Cricket Wireless has the cheapest unlimited texting plan (which also includes unlimited talk) at $25, but the plan has no data options and no international calling/texting or MMS options. However, if all you want is talk and text, this plan is the choice for you. If you’re more into data than that (or don’t like Cricket), then almost all of the AT&T MVNOs offer a unlimited talk and text with a small amount of data for $30. And when I say almost all, I really mean it. Take your pick!


The cheapest price for T-Mobile texters is about $20, and there are four companies that offer unlimited texting at this price with various other features and options. Here are the choices:
  • BYO Wireless – 500 minutes, 500 MB
  • PTel Mobile – Unlimited talk, 250 MB
  • Giv Mobile – unlimited talk, 250 MB, unlimited global texting, $1 international dialing credit, donates 8% of bill to charity of choice
  • Ultra Mobile – unlimited talk, 100 MB, unlimited global text, unlimited international talk (select locations), $1.25 international credit
Depending on whether you want any kind of international calling, how much data and minutes you need and how you feel about the companies, they’re all pretty good deals. Want to investigate further? Check out our list of T-Mobile MVNOs for more options.


Sprint has, by far, the cheapest unlimited texting options ranging from around $5 if you don’t mind relying solely on Wifi for texting to $10 – $11 with several other companies. Here are the cheapest options that include unlimited texting:
  • Republic Wireless$5 – includes unlimited talk, text, and data but only via WiFi OR  $10 – unlimited talk and text via Wifi or network; unlimited data via wifi
    • As a note, Republic Wireless requires a specific phone which will run in the $150 range. BYOD is not supported and there are only a couple phone options.
  • Scratch Wireless$7 – includes unlimited texting via cell and wifi plus 100 minutes.
    • Scratch also requires a specific cell phone which costs $100
  • ChitChat Mobile$10 – includes 250 minutes and no data
  • Liberty Wireless$10 – includes 100 minutes and no data
  • FreedomPop – $11 – includes unlimited minutes and 500 MB
Personally, I’d recommend ChitChat, as the company is not only very honest but also pretty stable and has great customer service. However, it all depends on whether or not you need data, as FreedomPop is also not a bad option. Looking for something else? Check out list of Sprint MVNOs for more options.


For Verizon, your best price is going to be $20. There are two companies which offer unlimited texting at this price along with other features:
  • Red Pocket – 300 minutes, 1 GB data (3G speeds)
  • BYO Wireless – 500 minutes, 500 MB (3G speeds)
Verizon MVNOs tend to have more expensive plans because Verizon itself is a bit more expensive. If you’re looking for other options, most of the rest of Verizon MVNOs start their unlimited talk and text plans at around $30 – $40. You can check them out via our list of Verizon MVNOs.]]>