Check iPhone Status Before You Buy

Everyone knows that iPhones are pretty valuable phones with a high retail value months and even years after their release. I’m not sure whether it’s because the phones are really that good or simply because Apple fans are very dedicated. But either way, iPhone thefts are incredibly common and there’s nothing worse than buying an iPhone from somewhere online and discovering that it was flagged as stolen and cannot be used. Now, there is a way to check that before you buy. Apple recently released a tool that is designed to check to be sure that your shiny iPhone hasn’t been locked down or blacklisted as stolen by its rightful owner. By entering the IMEI on this page, you can get the all-clear from Apple before you buy. Every time that a new iPhone is released, iPhone thefts increase (such as the iPhone 6 released last month), iPhone thefts around the country double, so be careful if you are purchasing a used iPhone from an individual. Whenever possible, check the IMEI yourself and input it on the page linked above. If you’re buying online from an individual via Ebay, ask for a picture of the IMEI before you hand over any money. Of course, it isn’t a foolproof method as it would be all too easy to send a clean IMEI and then sell you a stolen phone. As with just about everything technology, exercise caution and common sense. If it looks too good to be true or the person pressures you and refuses to give you the information or let you check before buying, then it isn’t worth the money.]]>

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