Summer-Proof Your Phone

Beautiful beach and sea

Summer is here which means BBQ, sand, sun and lots of dangers for your smartphone. So, before you hit the beach this June, here are some things to make sure your phone survives the heat and the summer fun:
  • Stay dry – From the pool to the beach to freak rain showers, your phone is exposed to far more water in the summer than winter. It might be a good idea to invest in a waterproof case for your device. If nothing else, sliding your phone in a plastic bag before you hit the beach or the pool isn’t a bad idea
  • Beware of Sand – If you’ve been to the beach, then you are likely aware of how invasive sand is. That stuff gets everywhere, and your phone (even with a case) has tons of crevices just waiting for sand to invade. Protect your phone by putting it in a plastic baggie or a special case and keep cleaning supplies on hand because accidents do happen.
  • Avoid intense heat – Electronics don’t deal well with heat, so try and keep your phone in the shade as much as possible to avoid overheating.
  • Don’t leave it in the car – While it might seem tempting to leave your phone in the car to keep it safe while you play in the sun, this is actually a terrible idea. Your car can easily reach temperatures well beyond the safe threshold for most devices, and your phone might fry.
  • Keep the device clean – from sunscreen to moisturizers and even sweat, your hands will come in contact with more grease than normal in the summer. Be sure to be careful and keep your screen clean for best results.
Do you have any tips for summer-proofing your device? Share with us in the comments!]]>

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