FreedomPop Launches Premium Voice Service

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FreedomPop Wireless has launched a new Premium Voice Technology today that will provide customers with a better quality call and fewer dropped calls. Similar to companies like Republic Wireless, FreedomPop’s premium voice technology will allow phones to switch seamlessly between VoIP and traditional carrier networks, based on which has better service and signal in a given area.  Unlike other carriers which over both Wifi and carrier calling, FreedomPop’s solution is entirely software-centric, as opposed to the hardware-centric models of companies like Republic Wireless. All new customers will have access to the premium voice service today, and current customers will need to download an update from the Google Play store. According to the FierceWireless article, the premium service will only be free for unlimited FreedomPop subscribers. Customers on the free plans will likely receive a month long trial, after which a $3 monthly fee will be assessed for the service. In other FreedomPop news, the carrier has confirmed to FierceWireless that it is STILL undergoing M&A talks and assures everyone that a decision should be coming soon. Of course, they said that all last quarter, so I’m not exactly holding my breath. CEO Stephen Stokols declined to give any details about the talks, although it has been rumored that the company has had offers from several carriers. FreedomPop is also still considering an international expansion into a “major European Market” early in the second quarter, again according to FierceWireless. FreedomPop has already announced plans to expand into Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Austria.]]>

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