Men Attempt to Sell Kidney for iPhone 6S

hold iphone 6s

No matter how much I love my technology, personally… I think I love my kidneys more. And, before today, I thought that was a pretty normal and basic premise: kidneys first, technology second. However, it appears that for two men in China, getting their hands on the latest and greatest from Apple takes precedence over simple things like keeping both of their kidneys. First reported by the China Daily, two men in the Yangzhou, Jiangsu province contacted an agent in the black market kidney business in order to sell one of their kidneys. There isn’t any indication as to how much they expected to get for the organ, but they were intending to purchase an iPhone 6S with it. Unfortunately for them, when they went to the hospital to confirm that the kidneys were functioning, the agent didn’t show. Since then, one of the men contacted the authorities and the other “ran away and has been out of reach ever since.” Now, this might seem like something kind of radical and unusual, but this isn’t the first report of someone selling a body part in order to purchase  an Apple product. In fact, in 2012 a boy in China sold his kidney in order to purchase an iPhone and an iPad. All of those involved were later sued. According to reports, the teenager’s kidney went for around $35,000, of which the teenager was given $3,500 to buy his new toys. Maybe it’s just me, but it sounds like the two men looking to buy an $800 iPhone 6S were being cheated. Perhaps it’s for the best that the agent didn’t show up. Although, personally, I can’t imagine selling my kidney for a piece of electronics. I think someone needs to resort their priorities.]]>

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