Boost and Virgin to Carry iPhone 6s

Maybe it’s because I’m an Android fan, but it doesn’t seem like it could have been a year since the introduction of the larger sized iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. In fact, I still remember writing lots of articles about different companies carrying these devices for the prepaid sector and comparing prices. However, since a full year has passed, it can really only mean one thing: details on the next iPhone are out, and companies are already announcing that they’ll be carrying it soon. Last week, Sprint’s prepaid brands Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile both announced on Facebook that they will be offering the iPhone 6s to customers and although price and dates weren’t released it’s probably safe to assume a similar timeline from last year’s iPhone release. With Virgin Mobile’s phone stocks looking pretty sparse as of late–especially where iPhones are concerned–many are wondering if Sprint’s most unloved brand will actually carry the devices. Virgin Mobile reps seem to be pretty tight-lipped about it, and simply state that they are ‘working on it.’ So it’s anyone’s guess. However, Boost will almost definitely have the phones in stock. Last year, the iPhone 6 hit Boost about a month after it went on sale everywhere else, which would place the iPhone 6s on sale sometime at the end of October. Additionally, as the phones will initially come locked to Boost/Virgin for the first 12 months they will likely be significantly lower than from other carriers. Last year’s phones were about $100 cheaper so users can probably expect to spend around $550 – $750 for the newest phone depending on the size. Of course, for many the old iPhone 6 is still the “new ” iPhone. While the iPhone 6s has some features that the 6 does not, it can be hard to justify the upgrade. If you’re having trouble deciding if you should upgrade, check out our post outlining all of the new things you can expect to help decide if it’s worth the money. Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile both are Sprint companies and offer some pretty good deals on prepaid monthly plans. To check out your plan options and other services, visit the Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile websites.]]>