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When you’re looking at MVNOs, one of the main things to consider is the stability of the company. It seems like every year new MVNOs are starting and others are folding, so it can sometime be a bit of a gamble when you port a beloved number and purchase minutes. But with Jolt Mobile, that’s not something you’re likely to have to worry about. Jolt has been around since 1995 and they have some pretty good plans, depending on what you require. Their phone selection is modest–only 6 phones are currently available as of this writing–but they do offer BYOD for unlocked GSM phones. Jolt uses AT&T’s nationwide network–arguably the best GSM network in the U.S. Depending on what you need, Jolt offers unlimited monthly plans, limited monthly plans and a pay-as-you-go option that provides flexibility to call as much or as little as you need. Here’s a closer look at the plans: Unlimited Monthly Plans
  • $30 – Unlimited talk, text, 500 MB data
  • $40 – Unlimited talk, text, 1 GB data
  • $50 – Unlimited talk, text, 2 GB data
  • $60 – Unlimited talk, text, 3 GB data
It is worth noting that on the unlimited plans, only half of the data will be available when you refill your plan and once you use that, consumers will need to call customer service at 888-833-3110 to have the rest of the data released to the account. This is an effort to prevent ‘fraudulent activity’ but is a little inconvenient. Affordable Flex Plans
  • $25 – 250 min OR 500 texts OR 250 MB – 60 days
  • $50 – 500 min OR 1000 texts OR 500 MB – 180 days
  • $100 – 1000 min OR 2000 texts OR 1 GB – 365 days
Much like the more traditional prepaid plans, these flex plans offer a set amount for each account, which can be used for minutes, texts or data depending on what you need. Rates are charged at the following:
  • $0.10 / minute
  • $0.05¢ /text (send or receive, Global included)
  • $0.10 / MB
All accounts are charged a $1 monthly maintenance fee, billed from your account balance in the beginning of the month. The nice thing about these plans is the simplicity–you know exactly what you’re getting and how much everything costs. Plus, the minutes have a pretty long expiration period and can be renewed as necessary. Low Cost PayGo Plans
  • $5 – $0.10/minute (50 min), $0.05/text (100 text), $0.10/MB (50 MB)
  • $10 – $0.04/minute (250 min), $0.02/text (500 text), $0.05/MB (200 MB)
  • $20 – $0.04/minute (500 min), $0.02/text (1000 text), $0.05/MB (400 MB)
These plans are flexible as well, but offer better per minute rate the higher the plan. Unlike the Affordable Flexible plans, these plans only last 30 days and will auto renew at the end of the month. Additional minutes can be added as needed, however. Each increment is billed at the rate shown above per minute/text/MB. International Rates Jolt Mobile offers some pretty good international rates, depending on what country you are calling. You can find a full list of rates on their site, but for calling some areas of Mexico, for example, rates start at $0.01/minute, which is ridiculously low. International rates are charged in addition to the standard rate. All of Jolt’s plans come with international direct dial.]]>

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