Samsung m300 now available on kajeet

We like people who deliver on promises. So after we talked to kajeet CEO Daniel Neal, we were hoping he’s follow through on his promise of new phones. Today, we saw it delivered. The Samsung m300 is now available on kajeet. Another quote from Neal, via Dory Delvin:
kajeet’s CEO and co-founder Daniel Neal said by not building their own handsets, content, or stores, “we purposefully developed strong relationships with established partners that greatly appeal to our customers. That enables us to stay focused on serving the market well and staying nimble in a highly competitive, complex business.”
It’s an approach that appears to be working…at least better than supposed rival Disney Mobile. The handset will cost $80, so it falls in nicely with kajeet’s current $50 to $100 price range. It’s got a neat 4X zoom digital lens, so kids will get their coveted camera. Aside: Man, kids without camera phones must be begging for one. Too bad they’ll be highly disappointed once they get it. [Yahoo Tech Blogs: Dory Delvin]]]>

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  1. olivia on April 15, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    how do u work the videos in the camera on this phone otherwise i love it alot.