Liberty Wireless Plan Overview


There are so many MVNOs, it is easy to overlook some in the favor of the larger ones. One that we don’t talk about a lot is Liberty Wireless, a small MVNO created in 2002 and currently owned by GSM Nation. Liberty wireless doesn’t have a whole lot of options in either the phone or service category, but they do offer a BYOD option and some pretty reasonable rates if you don’t really use data. All five¬†Liberty Wireless plans have a 30 day expiration date, but you can add additional services before the expiration if necessary. Here’s an overview of their plans:
  • $5 – 100 minutes OR 100 international texts
  • $10 – 100 minutes, unlimited text
  • $20 – 1000 minutes, unlimited text
  • $30 – unlimited minutes, unlimited text
  • $50 – unlimited talk, text and 4 GB of 4G data, with throttling to 3G afterwards
I spoke with a Liberty Wireless customer service rep (who had a very thick Indian accent) and he told me that Liberty Wireless offered both CDMA service through Sprint and GSM service through T-Mobile. However, most of the information I can find online lists them as only using Sprint towers. So, while I wasn’t able to confirm the GSM, they are owned by GSM Nation so it would be a little odd if they didn’t support the GSM network. There are only six options for phones on their website (Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia SP C5302, Nokia 106, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c). All of the phones purchased on their website are unlocked. They also offer BYOD, provided the device is unlocked. SIM cards cost about $10. From the brief discussion I had over the phone, the Liberty Wireless reps seem pretty nice, although there was a little bit of communication trouble between us, as I’m not really good with accents. The Liberty Wireless store page has a chat button which goes to a GSM Nation rep, and they are rather rude and won’t answer many questions and randomly disconnected from my chat twice. If you have experience with Liberty Wireless, please let us know what you thought about their service in the comments!]]>

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