Add MetroPCS to carriers with Loopt social networking

exclusive for the Sprint network. It has since expanded, however, which is a necessity in this socially networked world. The latest carrier to get the service: MetroPCS. This puts them in a list with Boost Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile for BlackBerry, and AT&T for the iPhone. For now, Loopt will only be available on a handful of MetroPCS phones. These include the Motorolas RAZR and ROKR, and the Samsungs MyShot and U520. Loopt plans to make the service available on more phones, of course. As for the cost: If you have the $50 calling plan, it’s free. For the $40 and $45 plans, it’s $4 per month. So, basically, if you want Loopt with the $45 plan, you’re better off just upgrading to the $50 plan. ]]>

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