Straight Talk, Net10 Increase Plan Data

More data is always a good thing. I mean, no one in their right mind would complain about getting more for the same amount of money, right? Well, yesterday we talked about TracFone increasing data for its customers and it looks like two other TracFone companies, Net10 and Straight Talk have followed suit with some data increases for select plans.

Straight Talk Changes

Effective immediately (or whenever your plan renews next, to be more precise) customers on the $45 unlimited plans and the $60 unlimited international monthly plans will see data increased from 3 GB to 5 GB. This change has been a little while in coming, since Straight Talk BYOD customers have been offered the 5 GB for a few months now, but customers with Straight Talk branded phones were left short. Looks like everything is back on even footing! Click here to check out Straight Talk’s current plans and services.

Net10 Changes

Net10 rolled out several changes. From what it looks like, customers on the $50 unlimited plan, $65 unlimited international plan, and all phone upgrade plans ($60, $70, $80) will see data caps jump from 3 GB to 5 GB. These changes are effective immediately for new customers, and current customers should see the change with the next monthly renewal. Along with these changes, Net10 has discontinued a few of its plans. Starting immediately, customers can no longer sign up for the $60 unlimited or $65 unlimited plans. The plans included 3.5 and 5 GB of data respectively. Customers who are currently on those plans can keep them if they wish, although I’d recommend shifting to the $50 plan, which includes the same data for a lower price. There doesn’t really seem to be any features lacking so I can’t imagine why anyone would stick with them. Click here to check out Net10’s current plans and services.]]>