5 Top Free Games for iOS and Android


Whenever I get a new phone, the first thing I want to do is load it up with apps and customize it as much as possible. I want to make it mine. There are literally millions of apps that you can download for Android and iOS and quite a fair amount for Windows phone as well. Of course, if you’re like me, I don’t like paying for apps. With all of the free ones available, it seems like a waste to pay for something, unless it’s REALLY cool. So, for those of you looking for some fun free games, here are some suggestions based on the top five games for Android (taken from Google Play) and the top 5 games for iOS (through iTunes): iOS
  1. Candy Crush Saga – Get the fruit to the bottom by matching candy in this sweet and addictive game
  2. Temple Run – Outrun the creepy monkey things and collect coins to power up in this challenging reaction game.
  3. Temple Run 2 – The sequel to Temple Run, this game adds additional obstacles and more characters
  4. Subway Surfers – Dodge trains and collect coins in this endless running game
  5. Draw Something Free – Challenge friends and strangers to an online game similar to pictionary
  1. Clash of Gangs – Similar to Castle Clash or Clash of Clans, this strategy game is set in the 1920s, where you build your own private army and challenge underworld bosses and other players!
  2. New Words with Friends – This social game uses vocabulary skills to compete in a scrabble-like game!
  3. Bubble Shooter Galaxy – pop all the bubbles by matching colors in this bright and fun bubble shooter game
  4. Gods Rush – Part tactical combat, part RPG, this interactive game allows you to control Grecian gods, heroes and monsters in an all-out battle with other players!
  5. Candy Crush Saga – Get the fruit to the bottom by matching candy in this sweet and addictive game
Of course, those are just the top five–there are tons of options depending on what kind of gaming you want. Be sure when downloading them that you’re connected to Wifi so you don’t use up your data.]]>

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