Brightspot Pushes Customers to T-Mobile

brightspot_logo Last week, T-Mobile MVNO Brightspot Mobile announced that it would be closing at the end of 2015. There wasn’t a whole lot of information as to exactly what would happen to current customers, although we suspected that customers would be encouraged to make the switch to T-Mobile to avoid interrupted service. As it turns out, we were right. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Brightspot will continue new activations until June 28, after which no new customers will be accepted.
  • Service cutoff date is January 1, 2015
  • No refunds for paid service will be given, and funds will NOT transfer to a new carrier; so be sure to use up whatever funds you have on Brightspot before switching
  • Target stores will sell refill cards until October 18, 2015
  • You can refill your Brightspot account until December 13, 2015, although I’d personally recommend you switch far before that in order to avoid the confusion and rush.
  • The Brightspot rewards program will continue until August 1, 2015. Additionally, if you port to T-Mobile before July 31, you will still get your $25 Target gift card in August.
Once you’re ready to switch, there are few things you need to do before the cutoff date:
  1. Confirm mailing address by June 14, 2015. Brightspot will mail all current customers a free T-Mobile SIM kit to make the switch easier
  2. Unlock your Brightspot Phone. Most Brightspot phones should work on T-Mobile’s service without being unlocked, but I’d highly recommend taking advantage of this so you can try another service if you feel like it. To unlock your phone, call Brightspot customer service at 1-888-984-7127
  3. Choose a new T-Mobile prepaid plan. T-Mobile is offering former Brightspot customers one month of free service when you switch. OR Choose a new prepaid service. You should receive your free T-Mobile SIM by June 26, 2015 so all you’ll have to do is pick your prepaid plan and activate it. Alternatively, you could go with just about any GSM service, and your phone likely is compatible. Check out the list of T-Mobile MVNOS here.
If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Brightspot Mobile’s customer service by dialing *611 from your Brightspot device. There is an FAQ page which has a lot of information as well. The company warns that Target employees will not be able to assist you, so be sure you contact Brightspot with any questions.]]>

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