BYO Makes Major Plan Changes

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BYO Wireless, a Verizon and T-Mobile MVNO, made some major shifts to a its plan lineup late last week, including retiring two plans and adding two additional plans. Interestingly enough, all of this was done with absolutely zero fanfare. Here are some of BYO’s changes and their current plan lineup:
  • $5 – 100 minutes, 100 texts, 20 MB
  • $10 – 250 minutes, 250 texts, 50 MB
  • $15 – 350 minutes, unlimited text, 100 MB  (no longer available)
  • $20 – 500 minutes, unlimited text, 500 MB
  • $25 – unlimited talk and text (new plan)
  • $35 – 1000 minutes, unlimited text, 1 GB (no longer available)
  • $40 – unlimited talk and text, 1 GB (new plan)
  • $55 – unlimited talk and text, 3 GB
  • $70 – unlimited talk and text, 5 GB
If you are currently on the $15 or $35 discontinued plans, you MUST select a new plan when your service renews; customers on those plans will not be grandfathered. Personally, I am a little surprised at the discontinuation of the $15 plan, which was easily the best value for customers looking for affordable unlimited texting options. I actually had it listed on our Best Verizon Plans post until a reader tipped me that it was no longer available. What is more surprising, however, is that BYO has made no announcements as to the launch of any LTE service. Both Puppy Wireless and Selectel (as well as all Tracfone brands) are currently offering Verizon LTE. I sort of expected BYO to jump on the wagon sometime soon, and if it wants to stay competitive, that will have to be sooner rather than later.]]>

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