Lycamobile Pushing PayGo Customers to New SIMs

T-Mobile MVNO Lycamobile has been trying to get customers to switch from its “old” SIMs to the newer LM Plus SIM cards which offer different plans and services. Many people have been hesitant to switch because of PayGo differences between the SIMs, but it looks like Lycamobile is no longer giving PayGo customers an option. On July 1, 2015, Lycamobile started sending out text messages to “old” SIM holders to let them know that older SIMs can no longer be topped up as of July 1. So whatever money you have on there is all the money you’ll ever have. In order to continue service, customers need to contact Lycamobile to obtain a new SIM. There are a few differences between the old and new SIMs:
  • New SIMs work in unlocked phones and locked T-Mobile devices
    • Old SIMs only work in unlocked phones
  • New SIMs offer MMS and LTE data
    • Old SIMs offer neither
  • New SIMs PayGo outgoing calls cost $0.02/minute
    • Old SIMs PayGo outgoing calls cost $0.05/minute
  • New SIMs PayGo does not include data
    • Old SIMs PayGo includes data at $0.06/MB
The lack of PayGo data is really the only downside to switching from the old SIMs to the new SIMs, but unfortunately it looks like customers don’t really have much of an option. Lyacamobile’s PayGo plans have been kind of a secret for a while now, and it makes me wonder if the company is planning on phasing them out entirely eventually. Originally advertised on the website, you won’t find any mention of a PayGo option on the website’s plan page, and it is basically a backup option for customers who don’t renew a monthly plan. In order to get the PayGo option, you have to either not top-up your monthly plan or simply activate a monthly plan with $10 top-up credit. To learn more about Lycamobile or check out the plan options, visit the Lycamobile website.]]>

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