More Verizon MVNOs to get 4G LTE

Verizon’s list of MVNOs is pretty slim compared to the other four main carriers. And, while Verizon’s gigantic network has had 4G LTE speeds for quite a while, the only Verizon MVNOs that could access it were America Movil brands including Tracfone, Page Plus, Net10 and StraightTalk. However, according to Prepaid Phone News, two additional MVNOs may soon be getting this capability as well. Selectel Wireless and Puppy Wireless have both begun to sell LTE SIMs on their respective sites, although no one seems to know exactly when LTE is coming or exactly how much it will cost. Puppy Wireless has estimated that it will be by the end of May, although it could be as soon as this week. Selectel, on the other hand, is simply saying sometime in the next couple of weeks. Additionally, it seems like neither Puppy or Selectel are very keen to say exactly how much the LTE plans will cost, although it’s common for such plans to be a little more expensive than the 3G counterparts. It’s likely that the 4G options will be only on higher-priced plans, but Prepaid Phone News reported that Puppy Wireless owner Kitty said LTE plans for Puppy could be as much as $3/month more. Which, personally, doesn’t seem like much of a jump to me for the additional speed. You can buy a Puppy Wireless SIM card for the promotional price of $6 with free shipping. However, after Saturday, the SIM price is expecte to jump back up to $10. The SIMs should ship within a few days of purchase. Selectel SIMs are available for $3 from, although right now the company is using a promo code freeswsim which could land you with a free SIM. Shipping is not included in the price, and SIMs should launch within 24 hours. There doesn’t seem to be any word from other Verizon MVNOs like BYO Wireless as to when, exactly, they will be getting the 4G LTE service. However, with the 4G spreading beyond America Movil brands, it will put these other smaller MVNOs at a huge disadvantage if they don’t get on the ball. I’ll be surprised to not see more announcement coming soon from other MVNOs, but with how fast the market shifts, who knows? I’ll definitely keep an ear out!]]>

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