PureTalk USA Adds LTE to Plans

AT&T has been adding LTE to its prepaid MVNOs slowly but surely over the last couple of years, with Red Pocket, H2O and Straight Talk all among the companies to already offer 4G services to their customers. Well, it looks like PureTalk USA can finally be added to that list. The addition of LTE speeds is extremely recent, and Prepaid Phone News reported that customers would start seeing the faster speeds as of yesterday. Plan prices are unchanged, and as far as I am aware, all customers with phones capable of using LTE bands should be able to access the faster speeds for data, calling and texting. PureTalk USA is designed for light mobile users and has a wide array of plan options for customers. With most PureTalk USA plans, texts and minutes are pulled from the same bucket but it takes three texts to equal one minute. Here are the available plans:
  • Simple Plan (No rollover)
    • $5 for 80 minutes
    • $10 for 250 minutes
    • $15 for 500 minutes
    • $20 for 1000 minutes
  • Flex Plan (rollover)
    • $10 for 160 minutes
  • Family Plan (no rollover, additional lines gain 70 extra minutes)
    • $10 for 160 minutes
    • $20 for 400 minutes
    • $30 for 700 minutes
    • $40 for 1100 minutes
    • $50 for 1500 minutes
  • Unlimited Plans (include unlimited talk and text)
    • $34.95 for 500 MB data, 400 MMS
    • $40.95 for 1 GB data, unlimited MMS
    • $49.95 for 2 GB data, unlimited MMS
  • Senior Plans (minutes increase with each consecutive month)
    • AddVantage 80 – $5
    • AddVantage 250 – $10
    • AddVantage 500 – $15
    • AddVantage 1000 – $20
PureTalk USA sells phones and also allows customers to activate their own unlocked, compatible GSM device. For more information on PureTalk USA, visit the website.]]>

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