ROK Mobile Expands Reach, Adds Coverage

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Music streaming has become extremely popular in the last few years and with the recent introduction of Apple Music, I only expect that streaming will become more and more the norm. This tends to cause a problem for music lovers, as streaming anything can really eat up your data. There are a few prepaid companies that allow customers to stream music for free, and the most unusual of them is ROK Mobile. Offering only one plan, ROK Mobile has had a pretty slow start and a nearly year-long invite-only soft launch. Earlier this year the niche company opened its doors to everyone and offers unlimited talk, text, data (first 5 GB at LTE, then throttled to 3G) and music streaming of more than 2o million songs for $50 a month. Obviously things are looking pretty good for ROK Mobile, as the company recently made an announcement that it has plans to have a retail presence in 10,000 independently owned and operated mobile phone locations nationwide by the end of 2015. ROK Mobile representatives said that the company will be focusing on New York, New Jersey, California, North Carolina, and Georgia markets first, expanding outwards from there. Currently ROK Mobile offers service through both Sprint and T-Mobile, depending on which company offers better coverage in your area. In the same announcement, ROK Mobile said that it now also offers a third company as well, although it could not elaborate as to whether the partner was AT&T or Verizon. Fierce Wireless suggested that the partner is likely Verizon due to the similarities in marketing statements. ROK Mobile is claiming that the new partner “is the most dependable 4G LTE network in the US.” ROK Mobile both sells phones and allows customers to activate their own unlocked compatible devices. For more information on ROK Mobile services and plans, check out the website.]]>

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