Selectel Wireless Gets LTE

LTE has been spreading across the various MVNOs in the last few months like wildfire, and the most recent addition has been Selectel Wireless, which as of June 1 supports Verizon’s LTE speeds. This is pretty big news, as this will make Selectel the first non-America Movil company to get Verizon LTE. With the launch of LTE, Selectel has changed around their plans, adding data and creating several new plans for the LTE service. While these plans aren’t showing up on the website yet, this is what Selectel’s current offering looks like:
  • $15 – 30 minutes, 300 text, 15 MB (LTE not supported)
  • $20 – 500 minutes, 500 texts, 2.5 GB 4G (new plan)
  • $30 – 1300 minutes, 3000 text, 500 MB
  • $40 – Unlimited talk and text, 1 GB 4G (formerly 200 MB)
  • $55 – Unlimited talk and text, 3 GB 4G (formerly 2 GB)
  • $70 – Unlimited talk and text, 5 GB 4G (new plan)
  • $75 (yearly plan) – 2000 minutes, 2000 texts (LTE not supported)
  • $100 (yearly plan) – 2000 minutes, 2000 texts, 2.5 GB
If you use all of your data, Selectel does offer a $10 Flex Card which will give additional data, minutes or texts. The Flex Card cannot be used with the $20 plan or the $100 yearly plan. According to Prepaid Phone News, Selectel is currently experiencing a few small issues with its LTE rollout, most specifically with porting numbers into Selectel and with moving LTE phones from Page Plus to Selectel. Selectel has been working to iron out these issues, of course, and they should be fixed soon. Selectel has a very small range of phones available for consumers, but BYOD is also supported. For more information on Selectel or to look into switching, visit Selectel’s website. Be sure you contact customer service to make sure the porting issues are solved though!]]>

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