Solavei Gearing Up For Phase 2


Solavei, the T-Mobile MVNO that declared chapter 11 bankruptcy this summer, has been undergoing changes behind the curtain and announced yesterday that they plan to launch their ‘phase 2’ services for growth and restructuring on Oct. 1. As far as specific details, Solavei is remaining tight-lipped for the moment. However, FierceWireless reported that Solavei is really gaining traction in the Hispanic market, and about 70% of the company’s new customers last month were Hispanic. Solavei has been working towards enticing more of that customer base and I expect some of the changes will be along those lines. There have also been rumors that Solavei is considering moving away from T-Mobile or even adding a second carrier to their network to increase their offerings. It is also likely that they will restructure their commission program. Currently, Solavei’s platform is based on customer referral programs, where customers can get a monthly credit for each person they sign up. With this commission program, customers can actually get a monthly allotment in addition to free service. As they are just coming out of bankruptcy I wouldn’t be surprised to see some big changes here. CEO Ryan Wuerch has scheduled a webinar on Sept. 30 as the second part of his “It’s Happening” series and, while I haven’t seen anything official, I expect that some of the changes will be discussed during that webinar. Here’s the first part of that series, aired on Aug. 18:  ]]>

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