Net10 Prepaid Coverage Map

When looking at the coverage area, Texas is completely covered, which is usually not the case with other wireless carriers. It’s very difficult to find any service that has that extent of a wireless capacity. Though the map is not a guarantee that every area will be covered as depicted, the service appears to be one that will not disappoint and will have few drop zones, as every wireless carrier does. There is also a disclaimer that indicates coverage may vary based on plan. Even with the best plan giving five gigabytes of data per month, the cost is still only $75 per month. While to a new customer in the wireless arena $75 may seem like a lot of money for one month, we know that AT&T and Verizon can charge well over $100 a month for the same service with less coverage area. MetroPCS is probably the most comparable to Net10 and the coverage with MetroPCS can’t compare to that of this service. If you’re looking for a low-cost alternative for wireless service that covers the most area in the continental United States, Net10 is your choice. We also have to realize that the amount of data offered per month is just as much as competitors, without a hike in the monthly price for the data use. No contracts just makes the overall value that much more appealing to consumers that are always being bound by a contract for just about any type of service. So overall, Net10 is a great choice to ensure the best value.]]>

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