LG 800g offers options

Well, LG is looking to change that. They are offering the LG800g cell phone with multiple carriers. It is a feature rich, entry level smart phone that should meet the demands of anyone looking to jump into the smart phone world. And the phone is being offered for sale at a great price. But the best part of the LG 800g is the network options it gives you. It is being offered threw NET 10, Tracphone as well as Straighttalk. But choosing a carrier can be difficult. All three are what is known as Virtual Private Networks. These carriers contract to provide cell phone coverage with the four major companies. Which network they use can vary by region. And usually these phones do not roam, so if you are out of your home network, the phone simply will not work. So before you buy it is best that you check each carriers coverage map for where you live. For example straight talks website tells me it is not for sale in my zip code because they do not provide coverage. All three of these providers offer very low pricing. They have pre paid as well as pay as you go options. So you can pay a month at a time, or just buy the minutes you need for right now. They have plans as low as $7 a month and several bonus minute programs. You can not go wrong with the LG 88g.]]>

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