Net10 Prepaid Phone Network Coverage

This is why your mobile phone bill is so high. However, there are other options out there, as many smaller service providers actually use the same wireless coverage, only they do not have to pay the maintenance fees, which means the savings are passed onto you. Due to this, it is possible to bring your current mobile phone, regardless of the service provider, to a company such as Net10. Net10 allows you to bring your phone and you basically just select a 30 day bundle package and you can go from there. There are no contracts to sign and you pay just a fraction of what you would with the other services. This is why you need to opt into services that Net10 provides you. After all, you are still using the same network coverage map you did with your previous service provider. GSM vs. CDMA. There are different coverage maps, all depending on who you used as your service provider. If you are coming form AT&T or T-Mobile, you have a GSM based mobile phone. In fact, more countries and carriers use GSM than any other service throughout the world. Having this kind of phone also makes it easier when traveling internationally. When traveling with Net10 and a GSM phone, you have almost the entire country covered, with essentially all of Texas, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and even spots throughout Alaska. If you have a CDMA based phone, which is used by Sprint and Verizon, you are going to have more coverage throughout the western United States, although not as much coverage is available in Texas. You also are not going to have coverage at all in Alaska or in Puerto Rico. Due to this, you need to determine if this is going to a affect you or cause you to run into any sort of mobile phone problems. Regardless of your previous service provider, you are going to have the same services and offerings that you once did, only now you are going to pay a fraction of what you once did, allowing you to save money.]]>

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