T Mobile Prepaid Phone Plans

There are three cell phone plans that feature unlimited talk, text, and web access. The difference in the plans is the amount of data that is available for use. The 70 dollar a month plan also includes unlimited nationwide 4G data. The 60 dollar a month plan allows 2.5 GB of data use while the 50 dollar a month plan only offers 500 MB of data use. All of these plans are available with no credit check and no overages. Some cheaper prepaid plans are available. A 30 dollar plan includes unlimited text and web as well as 100 anytime minutes. There is another 30 dollar plan that boasts 30 MB of web use plus 1500 minutes or messages. To throw even more variety in the mix, T Mobile also has the pay per-day plans. These consist of a 3 dollar, 2 dollar, and 1 dollar plan. Now, these three plans all work the same when it comes to prepaying. 100 dollars boasts 1000 minutes, 50 dollars opens up 400 minutes, and 30 dollars gets you 160 minutes. Now the variation of the three is simply this; the 1 dollar plan allows unlimited text and minutes at 10 cents per minute or text while the 3 dollar and 2 dollar plan include unlimited talk, text, and web. The only difference between the 3 dollar and 2 dollar plan is that the 2 dollar plan only allows 2G speeds. The downsides to T Mobile plans are that only the unlimited plans allow free weekend and night time minutes/texts, and the company is not the leading cellular service provider in most areas. There are gold rewards available for any prepaid phone plan. When a customer reaches gold rewards status he or she then automatically receives 15% more minutes on top of the original plan and any unused minutes then carry over from month-to-month to reuse for up to a full year. In order to qualify for gold rewards all that a T Mobile customer would have to do is simply spend $100 in T Mobile refills for their cellular device and that person instantly qualifies. When reviewing cell phone service providers remember there are pros and cons to each company. The prepaid phones aren’t the newest top shelf phones and not all of the plans compare to other companies but, as you can see, T Mobile customers do have a list of benefits that seem to keep customers coming back each month.]]>

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