Genius Wireless Announces Nov. Discounts


Genius Wireless is one of the largest Selectel and Page Plus online dealers, which offers numerous discounts and services. Each month, they announce a new promotion for new and existing customers. The most recent announcement was made last week for discounts on the $55 plans for both Selectel and Page Plus. With this newest promotion throughout the month of November, consumers can get 5% off of the $55 plans for both Selectel and Page Plus by using the code THANKFUL55 when checking out. Both plans include unlimited voice and text. The Selectel $55 plan also includes free off-network roaming for voice and text as well as 2 GB of 3G data. The Page Plus $55 monthly plan includes 3 GB of 4G LTE/3G data. Off network roaming is free for text messages, and costs $0.20 for voice. Both Selectel and Page Plus are Verizon MVNOs and have plenty of plan options ranging from $12 to $70, with options for auto refill via Genius Wireless. To take a look at their plan options or to take advantage of this promotion, visit the Genius Wireless website.]]>

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