PTel Mobile Plan Overview

PTel Mobile is owned by PlatinumTel Communications, LLC. This T-Mobile MVNO has been around since 2001 and their customer service is said to be some of the best. Unlike with many other companies, I have never had any sort of trouble with their customer service reps. As a bonus, getting to a representative doesn’t involve a thousand number selections or shouting ‘representative!’ into the phone for several minutes before being looped back to the beginning of the menu (or worse, sitting on hold for an hour) like with other MVNOS (I’m looking at you, Straight Talk). PTel Mobile’s plans are pretty decent overall and they have some pretty extensive unlimited plans as well as reasonable pay-as-you-go minute options. For the unlimited options, here is what you can get unlimited for the price:
  • $20 – talk, text
  • $25 – talk, text, 2G data, MMS
  • $35 – talk, text, 2G data, MMS, 500 MB 4G data
  • $50 – talk, text, 2G data, MMS, 2 GB 4G data
  • $65 – talk, text, 2G data, MMS, 4 GB 4G data
A little pricey for the higher-end data, but still fairly competitive. However, their pay as you go rates are pretty good. Their rates are: $0.05/minute, $0.02/text/MMS/International SMS and $0.10/MB. They have several top-up options as well:
  • $10 expires in 60 days
  • $20 expires in 90 days
  • $30 expires in 120 days
  • $40 expires in 150 days
  • $50 expires in 180 days
  • $100 expires in 1 year
They don’t seem to have an access fee, so this service could be excellent if you have a second phone you only use rarely or need a backup phone for emergencies that isn’t going to cost you a fortune. Ptel Mobile work on T-mobile’s network so their service is likely to be a little spotty depending on your area. Be sure to check the coverage before you invest money on the phone. Although, being prepaid, the dangers are far less than if you were to go with a traditional service and a contract.  ]]>

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