Prepaid Data Plan Options

However, this is not usually the case, and while many of the more popular brands do have extensive service plans for you to select, not all are going to have the best price service plan for prepaid data. That is exactly why you need to look for the different providers that do have the best plan. While one name you are going to recognize, there is a chance that the other prepaid data plan providers are all going to be companies you simply have never heard of before. T-Mobile There are five different plans available from T-Mobile that you do not have to sign a contract for and that you can switch, cancel or upgrade at any time. While there are different options available in terms of price, if you are always in need of a data connection, you can look towards T-Mobile’s $70 a month plan. This might sound like a lot, but it provides you with unlimited data that you are never going to run out of. Because of this, you can actually ditch your home Internet connection, use a 4G LTE based streaming device and run all of your home equipment off of it. This way, not only do you have data wherever you go but also at your home as well. As you can cancel your home Internet bill and the data package you have from a different wireless provider for $70 a month, it is difficult to beat this deal. PTel With PTel, you are going to use the T-Mobile data network for all of your connections. There is a starter package for $40 for 250 MB. However, you can upgrade to the $50 a month plan and receiver 2 GB worth of data. Page Plus Page Plus uses the Verizon network and does give you a few different data plan options, although these are usually coupled with a smart phone as well. The high end plan is $96.95 that gives you 5 GB worth of data and unlimited voice and text message. Plus, the overage data rate is only 5 cents per MG. If you do not plan on using all that much in terms of data, there is a $29.95 plan with 500 MB of data, plus 1200 voice minutes and 3,000 text messages.]]>