MVNO Prepaid Carriers List

These four companies lease out the services of their larger mobile networks to individual companies, which allows these smaller companies to then offer mobile service to individuals for a fraction of the price that individuals might pay on the larger, main networks. There are hundreds of different wireless networks out there, so if you are looking to save a bit of money but want to know who you are able to use, this is an extensive list of the carriers you have access to. One important thing to remember though, is when you switch from your current mobile provider and bring your phone, you need an MVNO that uses the old service provider’s network. If the new provider does not lease out the network of the larger companies, they are not able to help you out. AT&T If you use AT&T, you have able to use the following MVNO prepaid carriers: 420, Aio, AirVorice, Black Wireless, Consumer Cellular, Divvy, GHz Cellular, good2GO Mobile, H20 Wireless, i! Cellular, Jolt Mobile, Net10, Pure TalkUSA, Red Pocket Mobile, SIM Shalom Mobile, SkyView Wireless, Straight Talk. Sprint If you use Sprint, you have access to the following MVNO prepaid carriers: Boost Mobile, Chit Chat Mobile, CLOvEN, Credo Mobile, EcoMobile, Expo Mobile, Flash Wireless, FreedomPop, good2GO Mobile, i-wireless, Itel UTel, iQ Cellular, Jaguar Mobile, Kajeet, KDI Mobile, Net10, PrepaYd Wireless, Ready Mobile, Red Pocket Mobile, Republic Wireless, Ring Plus, Inc, Scratch Wireless, Shaka Mobile, Straight Talk, Ting, Tempo Telecom, TextNow, totowireless, Virgin Mobile USA, Votel Mobile, Voyager, Zact, Zing PCS, XCellular, Wizie Mobile, Pond Mobile. T-Mobile If you use T-Mobile, you have access to the following MVNO prepaid carriers: 350rless, Brightspot, CLOvEN, GIV Mobile, GoSmart, iQ Cellular, LycaMobile, MetroPCS, Net10, NTT DoCoMo USA, PTel, Ready SIM, Roam Mobility, Simple Mobile, Solavei, Spot Mobile, Straight Talk, Telecel America, Ultra Mobile, Walmart Family Mobile, Cellular Abroad, TravelSim, Truphone. Verizon If you use Verizon, you have access to the following MVNO prepaid carriers: Affinity Cellular, CLOvEN, Flash Wireless, iQ Cellular, Net10, Page Plus Cellular, Selectel Wireless, Straight Talk. Also, there are two other service providers that rent out their equipment. Cricket allows RadioShack No Contract phones to work, while Globe Telecom provides services for Smart Voyager.]]>

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