Straight Talk: A Straight Look Into How It Works!

Straight Talk currently has three prepaid wireless phone service plans available to help you get the best out of your mobile phone at a price you can afford! The most affordable of the three package is the $30.00 Straight Talk “All You Need” Plan, this plan includes 1,000 anytime minutes, 1,000 text or multimedia messages, 30 MB of mobile web usage for data enabled phones, that you can use for 30 days after the service is purchased and applied to the wireless account. The next plan is a little more expensive, but it’s a better bargain for what the plan includes. This plan is the $45.00 Straight Talk Unlimited Monthly Service Plan, the plan provides users with 30 service days of unlimited nationwide minutes, unlimited text and multimedia messaging, and unlimited mobile web access. The last mobile service plan is the $60.00 Straight Talk International Calling Plan, this plan also provides the user with 30 days of service, and that service includes international calling to over 1,000 locations, unlimited mobile web access, email, and unlimited text and multimedia messaging. Another benefit that all three services share are free calls to 411 Directory Assistance. Straight Talk has a Prepaid Home Phone Service plan available to consumers, as well. There are two service plans that are currently being offered, the Unlimited Nationwide Minutes for $15.00 monthly or the Unlimited Nationwide and International Minutes for $30.00 monthly. The last service that Straight Talk offers is a prepaid Wi-Fi Hotspot plan. There are a total of five different service plans available to choose from that vary in cost, service days, and internet usage limits. The 1 GB mobile hotspot package includes 30 days to use 1 GB of data for $15.00, the 2 GB package gives you 30 days to use 2 GB of data for $25.00, then for 60 service days there is a 4 GB package available for $40.00, a 5 GB package available for $50.00, and 7 GB package available for $75.00.]]>

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