Verizon Adds LG Lancet to Windows Phone Collection

It’s no secret that Verizon doesn’t really seem to care all that much for Windows phones. Regardless, the red giant has announced that it has added a new phone its prepaid and postpaid customers this week. One of only three Windows device Verizon¬†offers, the LG Lancet is a budget phone that aims to make you feel like you’re using a much better device than you actually are. Similar to the HTC One M8 Windows version, the LG Lancet has a more professional look to it than most Lumia devices, despite being a cheery blue color. The LG Lancet is the first LG device using Microsoft’s platform, and most reviewers haven’t been giving it the best reviews. The device has modest specs including a Snapdragon 410 quad-core 1.2 GHz processor and a small, lower resolution display. It does have an 8 MP camera though, which isn’t half bad, and offers 4G LTE connectivity. Overall the specs are pretty similar to the Lumia 640, which was recently announced by Cricket wireless. The LG Lancet is available now online and in stores for $120 for prepaid customers. The LG Lancet isn’t being advertised specifically for prepaid customers, but a customer service rep assured me that if you purchase it outright, you should be able to activate it on one of Verizon’s two prepaid plans.]]>