Ting SIMs Available Through Adafruit

There are two kinds of people in the world: people who buy phones, and people who make their own phones. And now, Ting wants to work with both kinds of people. The no-contract postpaid provider announced last week that Ting GSM SIMs are now available through Adafruit, one of the better-known online stores meant for people who enjoy tinkering with electronics. Adafruit sells a wide range of gadgets, gizmos and circuitry meant for anyone who has ever wanted to build their own miniature tech. The site also has plenty of tutorials for all skill levels, and even offers several different parts for making your own cell phone. The FONA projects in question are all compatible with Ting’s GSM network, so now technophiles can build their own phone, and then actually use it! Personally, I’m not really into building technology, and I don’t think I could tell a whizbang from gizmo if my life depended on it (and yes, those are technical terms). However, if you are of the tech-savvy variety, then Ting also is offering customers a promotion where you can get 10% off of any purchase through Adafruit using the promo code TING at checkout. This code isn’t valid on gift certificates or software, however. Ting didn’t list an expiration date for the code, but I’d expect it’s a temporary thing. You can purchase the Ting GSM SIM for $9 and don’t forget to pick up a few kits and gear for it as well! You might also want to check out Ting’s rate options so you know what you’re getting into, but I doubt you’ll be disappointed.]]>

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