Ting Offers Double ETF Relief

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Early Termination Fees (ETF) are one of the ways that the big carriers keep customers in contracts. That shiny new phone isn’t even half as free as you think, and breaking those contracts can result in fees of up to $350, depending on your carrier and how long you have been on the contract. But, you have a few options. Sprint MVNO Ting has upped their ETF Relief offer from 25% reimbursement to 50% with a maximum payout of $150. The offer is good from now until Jan. 5, 2015 for both new and current customers looking to make the switch. All you need to do is buy or bring a Sprint device, port your number, and submit the bill! While it certainly isn’t the highest ETF reimbursement offer out there, Ting is offering this promotion with absolutely no strings attached. No need to sign a payment contract for a shiny new phone, no need to hand in your old phone and the offer is available for multiple lines and multiple contracts. Once you make the switch, you’ll see that Ting offers a very unusual pricing scheme. They are technically a postpaid no contract carrier, as you first use the minutes and then you are billed at the end of the month according to their usage tiers, shown below: For more information on Ting, check out their website.]]>

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