Prepaid Galaxy S4 for $249 at Walmart

galaxy s4

Samsung Galaxy phones are among the most sought-after Android devices on the market. They are all-around nice phones with some pretty nifty features and great hardware. While last year’s flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been eclipsed by this year’s larger S5 model, the S4 still is an excellent phone that normally fetches a pretty decent price. Now, this week only, Walmart is offering a deal where customers can purchase a brand new Galaxy S4 for $249–nearly half off the normal price. I’m not 100% sure if the device is locked or not, although the device will be sold with Straight Talk plans. Reports indicate that the device might be working on either T-Mobile’s network or, more likely AT&T’s network. I haven’t had a chance to get to Walmart to check the packaging myself, but the device should have a little A or T to indicate which carrier¬†it uses (as Straight Talk supports all four). Regardless, this little beauty is an excellent buy and features a 5 inch touchscreen, microSD slot, removable battery, 13 MP camera, GPS and a pretty decent battery life expectancy. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that this model is compatible with LTE speeds. It ships with Android 4.3 and should upgrade to 4.4 when you first boot it up. Rumor has it that Lollipop should be coming to the Galaxy line soon, but I haven’t confirmed that yet. The phone is only compatible with Straight Talk’s smartphone monthly unlimited plans, which cost $45 or $60, depending on how much data you need. Both plans come with unlimited talk and text, much like the sort of plans you’d see on postpaid contracts. To check it out, click here. Also check our in depth review for Straight Talk or visit Straight Talk’s website for more information.]]>

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