Ting Supports iPhone 6, 6 Plus

iphone 6

If you happened to be lucky enough to score a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus (and somehow avoided the bendgate fiasco), then you probably have realized that your prepaid and no-contract carrier options are pretty slim. This goes doubly if you’re interested in taking advantage of Sprint’s expanding network. But, if you don’t mind goings with a tiered postpaid carrier, then Ting would like a word. Ting announced¬†that it can, as of Wednesday, activate new unlocked iPhone 6 and 6 Plus device on its CDMA networks and, when it launches, the GSM networks as well. All you have to do is purchase a SIM from Ting and activate a new line of service (or port over an existing number) and then talk away! While technically Ting is not a prepaid carrier, its no-contract tiered pricing is pretty similar to many other prepaid and no contract brands. The way Ting operates is somewhere between a postpaid and prepaid carrier. Customers simply use their phones throughout the month, and then Ting will bill them according to their actual usage with a tiered pricing program. Here is a screenshot of their pricing:

ting new

Looks pretty sweet, no? Anyway, if you want to grab a nano SIM for your spiffy iPhone 6/6 Plus, click here. To get more information about the fine print, terms and conditions and other stuff, visit Ting’s website.]]>

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