Mint SIM Offers New Customers Discount 3 Months Service

Ultra Mobile’s spin-off MVNO company Mint SIM has announced an awesome promotion aimed at new customers. With this promotion, users will get a hefty discount when they purchase three months of service all at once. The promotion is listed as “extremely limited time” but doesn’t specifically have an end date listed. The company, which uses T-Mobile’s network, offers its customers the opportunity to purchase service in one, three, six, or 12 month increments. The promotion, which is only available for new activations, is for the three month service. Here’s how the discounts stack up:
  • Small plan – $35 ($11.67/month) unlimited talk, text, and low speed data, 2 GB per month
  • Medium plan – $50 ($16.67/month) unlimited talk, text, and low speed data, 5 GB per month
  • Large plan – $60 ($20/month) unlimited talk, text, and low speed data, 10 GB per month
With the promotional discounts, all three of these plans match the normal price of one month of service through Mint. So that essentially means that you’re getting two months free when you sign up. Mint SIM has a variety of plans and devices available, and BYOD is supported, provided you have an unlocked compatible GSM device. While it does have international rates, they’re nowhere near as good as its parent company, Ultra Mobile. I’m unfortunately not very familiar with Mint SIM so I can’t speak as to the level of customer service, although I’ve heard some pretty favorable things about them. If you’ve used them, leave a note below and let us know your experience! The company is pretty new, but it’s backed by Ultra, which is a fairly respected and older brand so I would hesitantly say that this company is probably fairly stable. For more information on Mint SIM or to sign up for service, visit the Mint SIM website.]]>

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