Red Pocket Offers $10 Essential Plan on AT&T, Sprint

Red Pocket is one of the few MVNOs which offers plans from all four carriers, allowing its customers to have the most variety while still sticking with a company they are familiar with. While the company has always been a little uncompetitive when it comes to the higher-priced plans, I have to say that the most recent $10/month plan is actually pretty sweet. Called the “Essential Plan” this $10/month plan is available through on the Sprint network (CDMAS) and the AT&T network (GSMA). Here’s what you can get with it:
  • 500 minutes talk
  • 500 texts
  • 50 MB LTE data
  • Free international calling to 72 countries
Although unlimited texting would be preferable, this is still a pretty sweet deal for $10/month. Other plans for Red Pocket run the gamut from $24 for unlimited talk and text to $69 for 4 GB of data, and pay-as-you-go is also supported. As you might have gathered, at higher prices, Red Pocket is not really competitive. You can get a better deal than 4 GB for $70 basically anywhere. But the $10/month plan is not too shabby. Obviously Red Pocket is taking aim at the lower-usage users. Red Pocket supports BYOD and also offers a range of used devices through its marketplace. To check out this and other Red Pocket plans, visit the Red Pocket website.]]>

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