Charge Drops Text and Data Plans

charge logo

Charge, a data-only Sprint MVNO, launched some experimental voice and text plans to compliment its data-only profile. However, it looks like the experiment has ended, and Charge has quietly phased out these plans in favor of sticking with a data-centric model. The plans, which ranged from $10 – $20 per month included unlimited talk and/or text as well as data. While anyone grandfathered on the plans will be able to keep them for now, no new activations on these plans are allowed. The plan enrollment for these two options ended on January 17, 2017 and the carrier has not announced how long the grandfathered users will be able to keep the plans. According to Prepaid Phone News, Charge stated that it would no longer be offering the voice and text plans due to government regulations for companies offering voice and SMS. However, it’s highly probable that the relatively new MVNO simply isn’t interested in spending money on something that isn’t making them all that much money. Regardless, right now the company offers data plans for $13 per GB, with a $3/month account fee. It might sound like a lot, but Charge’s data never expires, which means that users could reasonably purchase it for a secondary device or to use on vacation and not have to worry about anything. In order to help with the switch, Charge is also running a promotion that could land users with some free data. Here’s what the promotions look like right now:
  • Buy 3 GB ($39) get 500 MB free
  • Buy 5 GB ($65) get 1 GB free
  • Buy 8 GB ($104) get 2 GB free
For more information on Charge, or to pick up a free SIM and some never-expiring data, visit the Charge website.]]>