Republic Wireless Launches Data Refund Plans

The best thing about prepaid plans is that it’s a lot easier to find a plan that is perfect for you. With all of the options out there, there’s no need to pay for data and services that you aren’t really going to be using, right? But, regardless, there is often still a little bit of excess, especially when you take the monthly prepaid plans into account. Unless you sign up for Republic’s new plans. In an attempt to help customers save a little bit of money, Wifi-first Sprint MVNO Republic Wireless announced in April that it was planning on refunding customers for their unused data. The plans have been in Beta for a while and it looks like now they are available to anyone who is interested. According to Republic Wireless, the average customer had a monthly bill of around $15 per month, or a 31% savings over the old plan structure. Under the new plans, all customers will get unlimited talk, text and data while connected to Wifi. Here’s what the plan lineup looks like right now:
  • $5 – Wifi only
  • $10 – Unlimited talk and text on cellular network, no cell data
  • $17.50 – unlimited talk and text on cell network, 500 MB cell data
  • $25 – unlimited talk and text on cell network, 1 GB cell data
  • $40 – unlimited talk and text on cell network, 2 GB cell data
  • $55 – unlimited talk and text on cell network, 3 GB cell data
While the new plans are available to everyone right now, current customers will be grandfathered on the old plans and can choose to keep those plans instead. Republic Wireless is one of the more unusual MVNOs which, as you probably noticed, offers calling, texting and data over both Wifi and cellular networks, depending on where you’re located. Of course, the company does have one major catch: you have to purchase one of two phone choices from Republic as BYOD is not supported. Republic Wireless offers the Moto line of devices and currently has the Moto G (1st gen) and Moto X (2nd gen) available for $199 and $299 respectively. In the past the Moto E was also available, but it is not currently showing up on the website. To check out Republic Wireless or to sign up, visit the Republic Wireless website.]]>