RingPlus' New Standard Plans


Beginning on December 1st, Ring Plus was forced to end its ad-supported plans due to a lack of subscribers. Now, all plans will be directly routed on Sprint’s network, so the company rolled out an all new lineup. All plans except the Mad Avatar and Mad Bottomless Apple will include unlimited talk, text, and data with various amounts at high speeds. Let’s take a look:
  • Mad Avatar – $0/mo – 775 minutes, 275 SMS, 275 MMS, 500 MB high speed data (Must maintain a $5 balance)
  • Mad Bottomless Apple – $7.99/mo – 300 minutes, 300 SMS, 300 MMS, and 300 MB of high speed data.
  • Mad Bottomless Orange – $9.99/mo – 500 MB of high speed data
  • Mad Ham – $15.99/mo – 1 GB of high speed data
  • Mad Bottomless Mango – $19.99/mo – 2 GB of high speed data
  • Mad Merry – $29.99/mo – 5 GB of high speed data
  • Mad Special – $39.99/mo – 10 GB of high speed data
This doesn’t come as a huge surprise as we have seen Ring Plus gradually moving this direction— we can’t expect them to be the only MVNO offering free plans. In October, the company first started rolling out plans that were not supported by ads, though at the time there was only four. And, really, the value has increased instead of decreased. As an example, there was a Mad Man plan rolled out in October for $26.99/month that included 3 GB of high speed data. Now, for an additional $3, customers get an extra 2 GB of data. Even though Ring Plus had to get rid of its free tier plans, the company is still trying to get its customers the best value possible and I am interested to see how it evolves from here. Ring Plus has some new phones and plenty of refurbished devices available for purchase on its website. Alternatively, customers can bring in unlocked CDMA devices for activation. You can check device compatibility, coverage, and the plans in detail on Ring Plus’ website.]]>

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