Sprint As You Go No Contract Plan is Into its First Year

Sprint As You Go offers four modest plans in which they offer up unlimited data on three of the four plans to choose from without any data speed throttling. Other cellular providers still continue to do this on their regular contract plans. For $35 a month you get 500 minutes of talk time per month or for an extra $15 you can get unlimited calling on the Sprint network. Both plans use a basic phone and have unlimited texting and data. For smartphone lovers there is $45 a month plan and a $60 a month plan. The less expensive plan does not include any data, which would make you wonder, why anyone would ever get a smartphone without data in the first place. Both plans offer unlimited calling and texting. Sprint As You Go offers three phones to choose from depending upon the no-contract plan you choose. For those who go with a basic phone the Samsung Array is available for $49.99. Choosing to go with a smartphone offers two choices: an LG Optimus Elite for $49.99 or a pre-owned Apple iPhone 4 (8 GB) for $199.99. The customer should be aware that although you have access to the 4G networks, it is not available with the iPhone 4 it was originally only optimized for 3G. What makes the Sprint As You Go plan so attractive is that the user is in control of their monthly costs. With no contract to keep you locked in you are only on the hook for the phone you purchased. You can walk away at any time. This kind of plan is also good for parents who are getting their kids a phone for the first time and are worried about unexpected costs. What you see is what you get with the no contract plan. Finally there is no credit check involved. For those worried about their fragile FICO scores there is no credit inquiry on your credit report when participating in this plan.]]>

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