T-Mobile Launches All New Prepaid Plans

A couple weeks ago we heard rumors of T-Mobile revamping its prepaid plans, and it looks like those rumors were absolutely true. The magenta carrier recently rolled out some new T-Mobile prepaid plans, along with at T-Mobile One plan. The new plans seem to have completely replaced the old plans, which have disappeared from the website. Here’s what the new plan lineup looks like:
  • $45 – Unlimited talk, text, and low speed data, 4 GB high speed data
  • $55 – Unlimited talk, text, and low speed data, 6 GB high speed data
Both of these plans also include T-Mobile’s Music Unlimited program, which allows customers to stream music from select providers for free; the data usage is not counted in the total data use. T-Mobile’s Data Maximizer (which throttles video streaming to 480p to save data) is available for these plans, but can be turned off. However, the most exciting part of the new plans is the addition of the T-Mobile One plan to prepaid customers. Formerly this plan was only available to postpaid customers and it provides some pretty good features for $75. Here’s what all you get with it:
  • Unlimited talk
  • Unlimited text
  • Unlimited high speed data (video streaming throttled to 480p)
  • Unlimited 3G hotspot
  • Unlimited calls to landlines & mobile devices in Mexico and Canada
  • Unlimited data use while in Mexico and Canada
It should be noted that there is an addendum that customers using more than 30 GB per cycle will be throttled “due to prioritization” although since other carriers have their limit set closer to 22 GB, that’s still pretty nice. All in all, these plans are mostly an improvement over the old Simple Choice options although low-volume users may miss the $30 plan which has no equivalent now. It should be noted that the Simply Prepaid plans were pretty similar to the new options; in fact, it looks like customers are basically getting one more GB of data for an additional $5, which isn’t anything super exciting. Customers who have the old Simply Prepaid or Simple Choice prepaid plans will likely be grandfathered. For more information on T-Mobile’s new plans, or to check out the coverage and pick up a device, visit the T-Mobile Prepaid page.]]>

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