TracFone Supports LTE Phones

For the last few weeks, I’ve been seeing rumors around various sites and forums that Tracfone has been allowing customers to activate LTE phones with their service, but nothing official had been announced and results were variable at best. Well, as of earlier this week Tracfone has officially announced and launched the ability to activate a Verizon LTE phone on its network. Of course, there are a few restrictions on phones that can be activated. In order to bring an LTE phone to Tracfone, the phone must:
  • Be a compatible Verizon CDMA device. You can check that here
  • Be connected to an account in good standing with carriers
  • Have been activated for at least 6 months (if it’s a Verizon prepaid device)
  • Not be stolen
  • Not be branded to a network
    • ie: Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, GoPhone, Cricket, AT&T, T-Mobile, Net10, Metro PCS, etc
  • Not be a Blackberry device
If your device qualifies, then you can purchase a CDMA LTE Activation Kit from Tracfone and enjoy slightly faster speeds. I’ve heard that typical Verizon MVNO LTE speeds aren’t the greatest, but they’re still not too terrible. For more information, see Tracfone’s BYOP page or visit the website.]]>

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