Ready Connect Plans Get Unlimited Data


US Cellular‘s Ready Connect plans underwent some changes recently which will undoubtedly  make Ready Connect plan users quite happy. Effective immediately, all three Ready Connect plans now include unlimited throttled data with absolutely no change in price. However, unlike previous Ready Connect Plans, these new Unlimited offerings do not include the option of purchasing more high speed data should customers run out before the monthly cycle is complete.  Of course, this is still something of an upgrade as previously the Ready Connect plans came with fixed data which was disabled once the limit was reached. Other plans required $0.10/MB to use data, which would add up pretty quickly. The throttled data is likely 2G speeds which while slow is still enough for the most basic data tasks. Unlike the Simple Connect prepaid plans, Ready Connect plans can only be used with specific Ready Connect phones which are available at various third-party retailers like Walmart, Dollar General or Amazon.  The three Ready Connect plans are still priced exactly the same as before:
  • $35 Basic Phone Plan – Unlimited talk, text and data
  • $45 Smartphone Plan – Unlimited talk, text and data plus 1 GB high speed data
  • $55 Smartphone Plan – Unlimited talk, text and data plus 2 GB high speed data
US Cellular doesn’t have as wide of coverage as the Big Four, but does cover parts of more than half of the US. You can check out its coverage map to decide if it’s right for you. For more information on US Cellular plans and options, visit the website.]]>

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  1. Anthony on June 14, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    There ois also a $40 plan with unlimited data(throttled after 500MB) exclusively @ Walmart Stores.