US Cellular Adds New Plan, Increases Data

US Cellular, the fourth MNO that everyone tends to forget about, has made some significant changes to its plan lineup recently including the addition of an unlimited data option and an increase in data. One plan has also been removed from the website. US Cellular is one of those carriers that doesn’t make as many constant changes as the others and, as a result, it tends to get overlooked. Recently, the MNO announced that it, too, has added an unlimited plan to its prepaid lineup. In addition to the new $70 plan, it looks like the $35 and $45 plans are getting data increases, the $30 plan has had its price reduced, and the $60 plan is completely missing from the website. It should be noted that while these plans were available as recent as February, this is one of the companies that we don’t check as much so it’s possible they were removed before this point. Regardless, here’s how the plan lineup looks right now:
  • Basic Phone Plan – $25 for unlimited talk and text (formerly $30, 500 minutes)
  • $35 – unlimited talk and text, 1 GB (formerly 500 MB)
  • $45 – unlimited talk and text, 5 GB (formerly 3 GB)
  • $70 – unlimited talk, text, and data (formerly $75, 12 GB)
The addition of an unlimited plan, while exciting, is far from surprising as many other prepaid carriers have been adding it in recent months. US Cellular’s terms of service state that the unlimited data plan speeds will be throttled after the user reaches 22 GB, and that all videos will be streamed at standard instead of high definition. Both of these conditions are pretty similar to other carriers, really, but are worth noting. US Cellular operates on GSM bandwith and allows users to purchase a device or activate a pre-owned device, provided it is compatible. For more information or to sign up for a new service, visit the US Cellular prepaid website.]]>

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