US Cellular Will get LTE Roaming Soon


Normally when we write about prepaid companies, Tier One companies and their MVNOs tend to take the cake. However, that doesn’t mean that Tier Two carriers like US Cellular aren’t worth ¬†look as well. And with the most recent announcement that US Cellular is in the process of solidifying a LTE roaming agreement, it might be worth even more consideration. The regional company has announced that it has completed its first LTE roaming agreement recently. While US Cellular declined to name the partner (a common practice with agreements like this) a lot of people are speculating that the partner will be Sprint, which would compliment US Cellular’s coverage fairly well. Customers should expect to start benefitting from this roaming agreement sometimes in the next few months. US Cellular CEO Ken Meyers told Fierce Wireless that the company is working on several other LTE roaming deals as well, and that US Cellular customers are more likely to see benefits than the roaming partner. For those of you who aren’t as familiar with US Cellular, the company has both prepaid and postpaid offerings. The prepaid Simple Connect plans range from $40 – $65 per month. Customers can activate their own device or purchase a device. US Cellular has a range of devices, all of which can be used on its prepaid plans provided that customers buy the phone outright. For more information on US Cellular, or to check their current coverage you can visit the US Cellular website. At the time of publication, I don’t believe the coverage map shows the roaming partner.]]>

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