Buy External Battery, Get More FreedomPop Data

If you have the freemium Sprint MVNO FreedomPop and are in the market for an external battery for your smartphone, then this deal is probably right up your alley. For a limited time (and with limited quantities) FreedomPop is offering customers a deal on one-time free data package along with the purchase of an external battery. Oddly enough, the Power Bank external battery is on sale through Ebay instead of FreedomPop, but the seller is listed as “freedompop4g” and has an excellent rating as well as other FreedoPop merchandise so it looks pretty legitimate. You can purchase the external battery (which is quoted at around $35 normally) for about $5 before shipping and then fill out this form to get an additional 500 MB added to your account. Unfortunately, the 500 MB is a one-time transaction and will not be added to your monthly allowance (that would be a crazy good deal). The external battery is a small stick which itself is rechargeable and is basically a low-cost solution for phones that either don’t have removable batteries or for customers who don’t want to hassle with getting the right battery. The device can charge two devices at once and uses a Micro USB port to charge the device (so it will not work with Apple products or anything that uses a different port). The external battery is brand-new and listed as ‘universal’ so it should work with most devices. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Ebay and I can’t help but find it a little odd that the sale is being done in this manner, but I suppose it does give FreedomPop a bit more of an audience. The company has kind of odd business practices, in my opinion, so this isn’t super out of the ordinary. Regardless, if you do manage to snag one, let us know how it goes! You can buy the device here or check out more information on FreedomPop, the company which offers free service to all customers with additional paid services as add-ons, on the FreedomPop website.]]>

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